Best Indoor Locations for Your Air Purifier

Feb 12 , 2019


Dr. Zens

Best Indoor Locations for Your Air Purifier

Near the contaminant

Most of the pollutant sources, if not all, has a lingering odor. You may put the air purifier next or close to the source of pollution so that it can effectively and easily trap the particles and preventing extended unsafe exposure of your family. For instance, you may situate your unit a few feet away from the trash can or near the bathroom. You may also consider places of suitability for bacterial growth.

Another best location to put your air purifier is next to your door where it can block the outdoor air pollutants before spreading themselves into your home.


In a corner

Placing it at the center of your room lets it work faster and provide you the full benefit of breathing filtered air instantly, but it may become a trip hazard. Place it in the corner of the room where it can still have access to many airborne particles that have run rampant. Just always remember to keep a few feet of clearance at the top, front, and sides for your unit to maximize its efficiency.



Air purifiers are just best to be put where you spend most of your time—and one of those places is the bedroom. For those who suffer from allergies, invest on a unit with a HEPA filter which can trap allergens in your air, preventing any kind of allergic or asthma attack, and provide clean atmosphere during the night. Prioritize your kids’ bedroom, as they are more susceptible to health problems.

Place your air purifier a few feet away from the walls. And as much as possible, keep your pets out of your bedroom as they tend to shed off dander.


Quick Reminders

  • Keep it in distance with the curtains. Curtains tend to inhibit air flow.
  • Shut all air passages such as doors and curtains. Open spaces would require the unit to work much harder since openings continuously let in unfiltered air.
  • Keep it away from stove and alike just like any other equipment.
  • Don’t put it near or close to other small electronics such as TV, microwaves, or stereo equipment,
  • Don’t expose it in extremely hot areas, or direct sunlight.
  • For maximum effectiveness, use your air purifier for what room size it is best intended for. 

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