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Purifirst Advance

PuriFirst Advance was developed by bringing together technological innovation and unparalled performance producing the latest generation of smart air purification.

Remote Control System

Mobile App Remote Control

Display Panel

(Wifi Function, UVC Max Led Disinfection Light, Sleep Mode, Timing Function and Child Lock)


Wind Speed Adjustment

Five Layer Filtration 7 Purify Way

Filter out even the tiniest particles such as molds, dust, and allergens up to 99.99% purification rate

Say hello to the all-new Dr. Zen's Purifirst Advance

The medical-grade air purifier that we loved and has kept our family safe is now bigger and offers better protection for you and your loved ones.

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Used by major hospitals all over America, Asia, and Europe.

From a TUV SUD certified manufacturer

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Immune boosting

The right diet will provide the nutrients and vitamins that your immune system needs to stay in tip top condition and work hard for you.

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Weight Loss

The National Nutrition Council reported that 3 of 10 Filipino adults are now obese. Obese and overweight people are at risk of having type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, various forms of cancer and musculoskeletal disorders like arthritis. Losing weight can be difficult.

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Customer Reviews

Purifirst air purifier is of big help here in our office since we started reporting last June 2020. Aside from helping in lowering our anxieties due to the pandemic, ever since we reported here in the office when NCR entered GCQ; no one in our office (big room) got COVID-19. Thankful we have Purifirst in our office. More power!


I have been using Dr. Zen's Purifirst Air Purifier which was given to me as gift for almost a year now and true enough, it has lessened my bouts of colds and episodes of allergic rhinitis. I placed it inside my room and everytime I wake up, my airways are always clear. It feels like waking up in a beach resort with a fresh air breeze. I really recommend this product!

Vince Sinay

Very effective. I'm glad this is available online so I don't have to go to the drugstore. I now live aboard and I order online before flying to Manila. When I arrive at home, my order is already then and I bring them back with me.

Cammille T

Item is secured inside a box with buffer bag. Item is legit, it flushes out a lot of the oil/grease from my food intake. Together with diet and exercise I have already seen results in just 2 weeks of use.


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